OXFORD PSALMODY  -  2019 Visitation

Music for 2019 Visitation. This will be added to below in the next few days, so please come back again!


Itinerary and Instructons (Website)

Oxford_Psalmody/OxPs2019/Chequers, Berrick Salome Menu 2019.docx 


MUSIC   Booklet  - draft list
(as well as Praise & Glory, and the Sacrred Harp)

Name, etc Concert version Bb instruments version


Psalm 13 by John Valentine P199_Psalm-13_John-Valentine-revised2.pdf P199_Psalm-13_John-Valentine-Bbinsts.pdf  
Gibraltar by W H White      
Shropshire Funeral Hymn P014-Shropshire Funeral Hymn_Symons.pdf P14_Shropshire Funeral Hymn (for OxOc) - Bb inst.pdf MIDI
Psalm 104 by Thomas Clark      
Worms Anthem from Job by William Knapp Worms_anthem_jobA11.pdf    
-   Treble     worms_anthem_jobA11treble.pdf worms_anthem_jobA11treble - Bb.pdf  
-   Alto     worms_anthem_jobA11alto.pdf worms_anthem_jobA11alto - Bb in.pdf  
-   Tenor     worms_anthem_jobA11tenor.pdf worms_anthem_jobA11tenor - Bb i.pdf  
-   Bass     worms_anthem_jobA11bass.pdf    
Poole by William Knapp (??Beasley)      
Psalm 1 by ?? Daniel Warner/Purcell P197_Psalm-1_Daniel-Warner-revised-Henry-Purcell-1694_Ewelm-Tune.pdf    



Psalm 13 by J Valentine