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Welcome to the Web site of
Sheila and Edwin Macadam

Our Web site is primarily to record our several interests - which are many and various. Whilst much of it relates to our families and what takes up our spare time, perhaps you may also find out a little about ourselves and what makes us tick; maybe also that we share interests in common.

The site is, of course, constantly being up-dated, and from the blanks on each page you can see where work-in-progress has temporarily halted, to be resumed when there is sufficient time to do so.

If you need to contact us, you will find details of how to do so on the Links page.

Links within this site, and elsewhere:

Nana Halls' Hedgehogs is a
fund-raising venture for Sheila's grand-daughters' primary and pre-school at Stoke Fleming, Devon.
Immanuel's Ground -
Warwick's West Gallery Quire
has its own website at

If you are looking for Mid-Shires' Quires' Day and music, please go to the front page of the Immanuel's Ground website, URL above !

Oxford Psalmody
(previously Oxford Occasionals)

Shapenote, Sacred Harp, and West Gallery music

2019 and Last Church Visitation
Details are now

Here is the LUNCH MENU

MUSIC for the Visitation is in course of
, but Link HERE,  and revisit
as thid will be updated later.


Village Carols
bulletas part of the Sheffield tradition of Carols, visit the web site at www.villagecarols.org.uk which we maintain on their behalf.
Shelwin Music
bulletAs part of our involvement with the music of the West Gallery and Georgian periods, we have a growing collection of music which can be used by gallery quires and bands, church choirs, and others interested in this genre of music. Please contact us via the Links page on this site if you are interested.


TBSCo. Inc The Belcher Supply Company Inc.

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bulletSheila's Ancestry
bulletEdwin's Ancestry

Photo Album

Look at our
online photo album,
pictures of Scotland
Quincey Market,



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